TP-LINK - R470T+ Load Balance Broadband Router

#TPL109 - TL-R470T+


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Load Balance Broadband Router

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    Changeable WAN/LAN ports for flexible network resource allocation
    Multiple load balance strategies for maximizing total bandwidth
    Advanced QoS feature guarantees the requirements of different bandwidth applications

  • Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPoE,L2TP, PPTP and BigPond Cable Internet connection options easily connect to Internet
  • Time-based access control allows parents or administrators to establish restricted access policies for children or staff
  • IP-based bandwidth control allows administrators to determine how much bandwidth is allotted to each PC which guarantees the performance of VoIP or video applications
  • Built-in DHCP server supports static IP address distribution
  • Built-in firewall supports IP address filtering, Domain Name filtering, and MAC address filtering
  • IP and MAC binding function effectively prevents ARP virus attacks
  • Powerful DoS attack protection safeguards your network
  • Virtual Server, Special Application, DMZ host and UPnP help users build their own servers
  • DDNS helps users utilize remote management easily with a domain name

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