LIAN LI - DK-05F Computer Desk Extended-ATX

#L1A083 - DK-05F


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Dimensions(D) 1400mm X (H) 689~1175mm (adjustable) X (W) 780mm
switchable glass: (D) 1400mm X (W) 780mm X (T) 8mm
Materialtabletop: switchable glass
exterior: aluminum
interior and legs: iron
Motherboard compatibilityMINI-ITX / M-ATX / ATX / E-ATX x 2
Removable MB tray2
Expansion slots8 x 2
VGA length400mm (maximum)
PSU clearance230mm (maximum)
CPU cooler height185mm (maximum)
Hard drive(3.5″ HDD/2.5″ SSD x 4) x 2
Removable drive tray4
I/O portsright:

fan control buttons x 5

RGB control buttons x 5

power/reset/G (glass effects control)

USB 3.1 (TYPE-C) x 1/USB 3.0 x 4/HD audio

desk height control: ▲ ▼ ① ② ③ ④ Ⓜ
USB 3.0 x 2/HD audio/power

Fan controllerFAN: press FAN to sync with the motherboard

I/II/III/IIII: fan speed control

RGB controllerRGB:

1. press for 3 secs to switch on/off the RGB

2. press RGB to sync with the motherboard

┌ ┐: light mode control (7 modes)

└ ┘: light color control

Power Glass controller resetPOWER

G: glass control (on: transparent; off: opaque)


Desk height control buttons▲: ascend

▼: descend

① ② ③ ④ Ⓜ : 4 free settings allow users to customize and set their preferred sitting/standing heights; press ⓜ to memorize the setting.

Radiator supportfront: 480mm/420mm X 2
middle: 360mm X 2
rear middle: 240mm X 1
Fan supportfront: 140mm X 6 or 120mm X 8
middle: 120mm X 6
rear left: 140mm/120mm X 1
rear middle: 140mm/120mm X 2
rear right: 140mm/120mm X 1
Removable fan/rad bracket2 X 480mm/420mm
2 X 360mm
LEDs strip4 (LEDs: 66)

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