SCYTHE - Kozuti - solo 40mm spessore - x Socket 1151v2 1.151 FM2

#SCY145 - SCKZT-1000


Kozuti x Socket 1366/1155/1156/775/AM2/AM3

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The Scythe Kozuti Low Profile (40mm Height) Universal CPU Cooler w/ S.F.M.S. is the ultimate in low profile coolers. The S.F.M.S (Stealth Fan Mounting Structure) allows for this cooler to be used in even the smallest of environments. An 80mm x 10mm fan is mounted below the fin structure to allow for a lower overall height and yet keeping the CPU cool and quiet. The Kozuti is a perfect fit for HTPC builds as well as other Micro and Mini-ITX form factors.
·  40mm Total Height
·  6 x 3mmØ Sintered Heatpipes
·  S.F.M.S. Fan Structure (below the heatsink)
·  E.I.S. Easy Installation with Screw Mounting System

External dimensions:110 × 103 × height 40mm (overall cooler)
Thickness of 80 × 80 × 10mm (fans included)
Fan speed:800 ± 30% ~ 3300rpm ± 10% (PWM method)
Noise:8.2 ~ 32.5dBA
Airflow:6.0CFM ~ 24.82CFM
Business Connection:Pin PWM4
Bearing:Sleeve bearings
Supported CPU:intel 775 socket / 1155 / 1156 / 1366
AMD Socket AM2 / AM2 + / AM3
Heat pipe:6mm diameter × 3

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