EKWB - EK-Pro Manifold 2CPU 2GPU

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The EK-Pro Manifold is a purpose-made coolant delivery system for multiple water blocks in workstation systems. It offers perfect coolant distribution by using multiple industry-standard G1/4" In and Out ports. The EK-Pro Manifold 2CPU 2GPU can support two CPU and two GPU water blocks in parallel or semi-parallel setup.

For best results, EK recommends the use of EK-Pro GPU Quick Disconnect and EK-Pro CPU Quick Disconnect Kits (sold separately) in combination with the EK-Pro Manifold. The manifold system, in combination with the QDC kits, enables the users to easily add or remove water blocks to the cooling loop without the need to drain the entire loop. This avoids precious down-time for workstations and other professionally used computer setups.

It features a full acetal body, stainless steel end caps, and nickel-plated brass plugs. Pre-assembled, out of the box it is set up to be used in a semi-parallel setup. Please follow the user manual for detailed information on connectivity options.

The EK-Pro Manifold is delivered with a universal mounting system that can be used in various scenarios. The steel mounting plate is equipped with 120 and 140mm fan mounting patters which can be found in all computer cases.

Please note that only seven G1/4 plugs are supplied with the manifold unit. If any of the In and Out ports are planned to be unused, additional plugs are needed for operation. Spare G1/4 plugs are sold separately.

Technical specifications:

- Size (HxWxD): 144 x 54 x 36mm (without the mounting system)


- EK-Pro Manifold unit
G1/4 Plugs (7pcs)
- Allen key 6mm (1pc)
- Allen key 2,5mm (1pc)
- Manifold mounting (1pc)
- Screws M4 x 6mm DIN7984 (4pcs)

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