EKWB - PrimoChill Anti-Kink Coil 19,1 mm (3/4") - Black (PCC-34-BK)

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PrimoChill Anti-Kink Coil 19,1 mm (3/4") - Black (PCC-34-BK)

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PrimoChill® Anti-Kink coils are improving the flexibility of your tubing in those tighter radius locations to prevent kinking that can stop or decrease coolant flow, which is especially useful with the use of water cooling in smaller cases. Anti-Kink coils are often used to improve cable management and appearance at the same time. PrimoChill®Anti-Kink Coils will have your machine looking and performing great and leave you calm and relaxed!

•    Made of strong and durable PVC.
•    Packaged in pre-cut 1 m (40’’) lengths*. 
•    19,1 mm (3/4”) Anti-Kink coil will fit 19,1 mm (3/4”) OD Tubing.

*One length 1 m (40”) is typically sufficient for a single CPU cooling circuit depending on how tight the coils are wrapped around the tubing. Two lengths may be necessary for a complete circuit including dual CPU, CPU+VGA, or CPU+VGA+Chipset setup.

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